The 5 emerging technologies worth investing in 2020

Created Date: 22-07-2020

Author Name : Annamalai

  1. Sensing and mobility

  2. Augmented human

  3. Postclassical compute and communications

  4. Digital ecosystems

  5. Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics

1.Sensing and mobility :

Abstract. Future Mobility Sensing (FMS) is a smartphone and prompted-recall-based integrated activity-travel survey. It uses a combination of a smartphone app, available for Android and iOS, and an online prompted recall survey to collect both demographic and travel data from participants.

2.Augmented human:

The field of human augmentation (sometimes referred to as “Human 2.0”) focuses on creating cognitive and physical improvements as an integral part of the human body. Human augmentation is generally used to refer to technologies that enhance human productivity or capability, or that somehow add to the human body.

3.Postclassical compute and communications :

Classical or binary computing, which uses binary bits, evolved by making changes to existing, traditional architectures. These changes resulted in faster CPUs, denser memory and increasing throughput.

4.Digital ecosystems:

A digital ecosystem is a group of interconnected information technology resources that can function as a unit. Digital ecosystems are made up of suppliers, customers, trading partners, applications, third-party data service providers and all respective technologies.

5.Advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics :

Advanced analytics covers a wide range of analytics including predictive, prescriptive, and AI-driven. Artificial intelligence is a set of technologies that simulate human intelligence. ... AI technologies are also trained to process and understand natural language and become self-learning.

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