Unexpected Mobile Apps : Google banned top 34 joker malware affected apps

Created date : 05-10-2020

Created by : Annamalai

Google recently banned top 34 joker malware affected apps they are:

-- All good pdf Scanner

-- Mint leaf Message

-- Unique Keyboard

-- Tangram App Lock

-- Direct Messenger

-- Private SMS

-- One sentence Translator

-- Style Photo Collage

-- Meticulous Scanner

-- Desire Translate

-- Talent Photo Editor

-- Care Message

-- Part Message

-- Paper Doc Scanner

-- Blue Scanner

-- Humming Bird Pdf Converter

-- All Good PDF Scanner

-- Image Compress

-- Relaxation

-- Recove Files

-- Memory Game

-- Push Message

-- Finger Tip GameBOx

-- Contact With Me

-- Cheery Message

-- LockApps

-- Safety App Lock

-- Emoji Wallpapper

-- HM Woice

-- Loving Message

-- Remind Me

-- ConvEnient Scanner 2

-- Seperate Doc Scanner

Joker Malware:

The Joker malware, also called Bread, is known for conducting billing frauds by intercepting SMS to subscribe to unwanted paid services. ... The Android Security & Privacy Team, in a blog post in January, had detailed its efforts to tackle the malware, stating that it was one of the most persistent threats for users.

Android devices often uninstall apps after they're found to be malicious, but the mechanism doesn't always work as intended. ... No doubt, Google scans detect a large percentage of malicious apps submitted to Play, but a significant number of users continue to get infected with malware that goes that bypass those checks.

Is the Joker a virus?

Joker Malware is a new virus that was found in 24 apps from the Google Play Store. This sneaky malware extracted money and data from Android users by subscribing them to paid services without their knowledge.

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