Big Data (what is Big Data?)

Created Date:07/25/2020

Technology :

Big Data Technologies is the utilized software that incorporates data mining,data storage, data sharing, and data visualization, the comprehensive term embraces data,data framework including tools and techniques used to investigate and transform data.

Storage :

  1. Most people automatically associate HDFS, or Hadoop Distributed File System, with Hadoop data warehouses.

  2. HDFS stores information in clusters that are made up of smaller blocks. These blocks are stored in onsite physical.

  1. storage units, such as internal

  2. disk drives.

Size :

The term Big Data implies a large amount of information (terabytes and petabytes).

It is important to understand that to solve a particular business case,

the value usually does not have the entire volume, but only a small part.

Database :

Big Data is a Database that is different and advanced from the standard database.

The Standard Relational databases are efficient for storing and processing structured data.

It uses the table to store the data and structured query language (SQL) to access and

retrieve the data.

Author :Mohammed Abdulla.S

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