5G (what is 5G Technology)

created : 07/25/2020

What is 5G?

  1. 5G is designed to do a variety of things that can transform our lives, including giving us faster

  2. download speeds, low latency, and more capacity and connectivity for billions of devices—especially

  3. in the areas of virtual reality (VR), the IoT, and artificial

  4. intelligence (AI)

Which Country is using 5G?

  1. South Korea, China, and the United States are the countries that lead the world in building and deploying

  2. 5G technology. Telecommunications operators around the world—including AT&T Inc., KT Corp, and China

  3. Mobile—have been racing to build the fifth-generation (5G) of wireless technology

How is 5g different from 4g?

  1. 5G is expected to be nearly 100 times faster than 4G. Those speeds are possible because most 5G networks

  2. are built on super-high-frequency airwaves, also known as high-band spectrum. The higher frequencies can

  3. transmit much more data, much faster than on 4G.

Has 5g been tested for safety?

  1. 5G technology has been studied by some in the military showing broad harm and some newer studies are showing

  2. damage to insects, tissue burns and overheating with streaming of data, but there has been no safety testing

  3. of 5G before it is rolled out.

Who is paying for 5g?

  1. AT&T: Ma Bell is the only US operator (currently) to say it will charge for mobile 5G by the gigabyte.

  2. In launching its mobile 5G service at the end of December 2018, AT&T said it plans to charge $70 a month per 15 GB

  3. of data on its 39GHz millimeter wave 3GPP-based mobile service.

Is it dangerous to live near a cell tower?

  1. High levels of RF waves can cause a warming of body tissues, but the energy levels on the ground near a cell phone

  2. tower are far below the levels needed to cause this effect. So far, there is no evidence in published scientific

  3. reports that cell phone towers cause any other health problems.

Author : Mohammed Abdulla.S

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